16 Jul, 2019

What I Know…

16 Jul, 2019

Here’s what I know.

Unless we all, collectively, take action, change can never occur. Ok…it may not be us all, but it has to at least be a bunch of us!

This past weekend I had the honor of presenting a workshop at the National Children and Youth Gardening Symposium, hosted by the American Horticultural Society. what i know img

With the INCOMPARABLE American Horticultural Society’s planning team for the National Children & Youth Gardening Symposium.

This year, this incredible conference was held in the beautiful city of Madison, Wisconsin. I’ll be honest. I expected cows. Lots of cows. And cheese. And bars. Let me just say, my expectations were blown away on my drive into Madison.

what i know img

Beautiful Langdon Street on the UW Madison Campus.


As my Uber driver maneuvered from the airport to my hotel, I noticed the abundance of front yards filled with wildflower patches. Some yards were COMPLETELY filled, with paths leading to front doors. I commented on how beautifully natural this all looked, and my driver told me how THIS! is the NORM in the city!

garden img


Oh, yeah…This city has fully embraced its role in taking steps towards reducing its collective carbon footprint. I was even so tickled when I had to swing by a local supermarket (literally right outside my hotel) to grab toothpaste (because, of course I forgot toothpaste!) and noticed how the path was lined with wildflower/meadow-type areas. The parking lot of the stores contained BIOSWALES to help reduce the harmful effects of carbon monoxide from cars.

sign boardbioswale area

It was all so…so…SIMPLE!

home garden lil garden

Why isn’t this the norm EVERYWHERE instead of beautiful anomalys specific to SOME towns, SOME cities, SOME neighborhoods.

Let’s continue the conversation…

What actions can we take to GREEN our own cities, towns, neighborhoods, homes?

Let’s grow for it!



  • letuslearninc July 16, 2019

    Truth! At https://www.facebook.com/letuslearnky/ we are building community gardens at our elementary schools…connecting children, families to the food they eat and the earth. We may not be making a huge impact in the world, but we are making an big impact in our little corner! Keep up the great work Bullock Garden and Sonya Harris!


    • Sonya Harris July 16, 2019

      You are making a HUGE impact!!! The joy in the faces of those children is immeasurable! We are so in awe of what you do & how you continuously touch the lives of so many children! 💚❤️💚


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