20 Aug, 2018

BGP is Helping Garden Programs Take Root

20 Aug, 2018

Read below for testimonials from our BGP Schools & Educators


JahariJahari Jacobs, Terence C Reilly, School #7, Elizabeth, NJ

“Donna and Sonya were amazing. They were very supportive and full of innovative ideas and suggestions. They are great at what they do!  I learned how to weed, and that there are nonconventional ways to garden that aren’t in rows. I gathered many different resources and learned about how many seeds to plant at a time, which seeds work best where and what watering options we have.  I can’t wait to map out a plan for the Fall and Spring and to see how much more our garden can expand.”

ClaudiaClaudia Monaghan, Charles Olbon School, Woodland Park, NJ

“I learned A LOT about the garden with this visit. Sonya provided extensive information on the garden ranging from the best seeds to plant in our area, student/teacher involvement and creative ways to fundraise with school parents. Not only did Sonya offer advice, (and drive ALL the way up to our school) she also “got her paws dirty” and lent a hand in cleaning out the garden.  I truly appreciate her hard work and dedication to school gardens. BGP’s hard work and dedication to school gardens is inspiring and I am looking forward to working together. Thank you so much for coming to visit!”