To Every Season…or Welcome Winter?

As my love of gardening has grown, I’ve come to despise cold weather.  Watching plants shrivel and die is akin to watching someone you love walk away.  Sure…you know they’ll be back, but the knowledge of their departure hits you in the feels.  Although I know winter is a...

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You’re never too busy to garden…6 gardening ideas that don’t take a lot of time

garden flowers

By Teresa Brown Excuses are like belly buttons–we all have one. The most frequent excuse I hear for why someone doesn’t garden, is lack of time. But, being a busy working single Mom of two, I easily pop a pin in that balloon of an excuse. Yes, some plants...

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We’ve Got the Power!

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There are so many components that go into creating and developing a non-profit organization. But with all of the fancy titles and factors I can’t help but to think of the purpose behind all of this… THE KIDS! We started this non-profit and are growing exponentially to help change...

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