19 Jul, 2019

Episode 4 – Growing with The Bullock Garden Project Podcast

19 Jul, 2019

Episode 4 – The Jetlagged Episode

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This episode finds Sonya & Mer discussing Sonya’s recent trip to the National Children & Youth Gardening Symposium, which took place at the University of Wisconsin in Madison (NO, she didn’t bring back cheese OR Badger gear), where she presented on ways to integrate garden education into the general education curriculum.  This way teachers can have an easier time incorporating garden-based learning through literature, while teaching across the curriculum.

The two also dig deep into their health journeys which heavily influenced their passion for helping children across the globe live healthier lives through gardening.

We had a few technical difficulties so the conversational flow jumps around a bit. We’ll work on that for next time around.

You’ll notice that our website is ALMOST THERE! Click around and check it out. You’ll still find some glitches, but you know what’s better?  Finding the Hamilton references in this podcast!  Speaking of musicals, how many song references can you find?

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