Chanticleer Garden: Beyond Beauty

If you want to surround yourself in the immense beauty of nature, and you’re within the area of the Garden Capital of the United States (Philly area), do yourself a HUGE favor & go to Chanticleer Gardens!

Located in Wayne, PA, Chanticleer Gardens (only 30 mins from Philadelphia) lives up to its nickname as “America’s most inspiring gardens.” I vouch for this, because I am always convinced I can totally replicate the amazing displays in my yard.

Yeah…not quite! But that’s ok! I can take a short trip over the Commodore Barry Bridge and surround myself in the splendor!

Open only Wednesdays through Sundays, 10am-5pm it’s so easy to not see every piece of these gorgeous grounds. You just can’t really help to sit and take it all in. There’s seating scattered through the grounds & you can even just sit on the plush grass.

One thing I love about Chanticleer is how there are themed areas. Included in the areas are plant lists you can purchase for $2 donation. The lists are also available online, but I prefer to buy my lists & take notes. One of my favorite areas is encountered soon after entering…the Tennis Court Gardens.

Another favorite area is Bells Run Creek. The entire path is so incredibly serene.

Even when you take a seat to rest, the sights are amazing, the scents are incredible, the sounds of the birds through the breeze are all-encompassing.

These photos are only an extremely small percentage of the flora & fauna that surround you for a small admission fee of $10 for adults, $8 for Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Members, and Free for Garden Professionals & Kids 12 & under. Prior to your visit, make sure you check the Visitor Etiquette on their Visitor Information page. Following the etiquette contributes to the peace & unspeakable beauty of Chanticleer Gardens!

Have you been to Chanticleer? We’d love to see your favorite photos from your visit! Post to social media & tag us @bullockgarden!

Interested in going? Let us know if you are! We may see you there!




  • Meridith July 09, 2019

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I’ve never been there but we’ll have to fix that.


    • Sonya Harris July 09, 2019



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