18 Jun, 2019

The Art of Giving

18 Jun, 2019

Many people assume that members of a charitable organization are committed to that one organization alone.  While I cannot speak for every person involved in philanthropy, I can speak for the members of The Bullock Garden Project.  I am so honored to work with such an incredible group of humans who understand and take pride in the art of giving.  For this week’s blog, I’d like to share some of the organizations our members are involved in.  Perhaps, as you read this, you realize one of these organizations can help you.  Perhaps, as you read this, your heart is touched to lend a hand and volunteer your time or donate funds or in-kind to help them serve others.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand


Alexandra “Alex” Scott – Photo credit: alexslemonade.org

Four-year-old Alex Scott started a lemonade stand at age four and told her parents she wanted to donate the money to doctors to help find a cure for childhood cancer.  When neuroblastoma took her life at the age of 8, this organization she & her family began carried on and continues to fund groundbreaking research as well as support other children & families around the globe in obtaining medical treatment.

The Angels Community Outreach


Katelyn Darrow, Founder – Photo credit: https://angelsofgod.org

In 2009, at age 12, Katelyn Darrow founded a nonprofit organization, Angels of God Clothing Closet as a way of giving back the kindness shown to her, her mother, and sister, after escaping an abusive home AND a house fire a few years after the escape.  Today, The Angels Community Outreach helps countless people (and pets!) in the local area by providing a helping hand to those in need.

Lauren Rose Albert Foundation



Lauren Rose Albert – Photo credit: https://www.laurenslegacy.org

The Lauren Rose Albert Foundation helps women/single mothers in need of assistance.  The foundation directly helps women in finding resources to help them in all aspects of independent, successful living, from assisting with expenses to finding clothing needed for job interviews/work.  They help women keep their dignity intact by allowing them to shop at their South Jersey location, which is full of personal care necessities, and help them to achieve goals and live successful lives.


Free Mom Hugs



Sara Cunningham, Executive Director – Photo Credit: https://www.freemomhugs.org


Free Mom Hugs was founded by Sara Cunningham, a “…Christian mom with a gay kid living in Oklahoma saying enough is enough.”  The members of FMH attend Pride events around the country to support those who have been cut off from their families by providing free hugs, a listening ear, and emotional support to members of the LGBTQ+ community.  They also provide emergency financial support to youth in need of housing, food, medical needs, etc.

The Ronald McDonald House Philadelphia



Photo Credit: https://www.philarmh.org


The Ronald McDonald House has been a longstanding, national charity who provides housing and support to families of children who are seriously ill who are hospitalized for treatment with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children.  The Philadelphia RMH has two locations, and provide transportation, food, and social services for families, as well as a week-long camp in the Pocono Mountains for children with cancer and their siblings.  There is also a mobile unit that provides oral health care for children in need in North Philadelphia.


I founded The Bullock Garden Project, Inc. as a way of giving back a piece of the goodness shown to me those five years ago by my colleagues and green industry professionals who believed in my dream of doing something FOR children, providing an option for hands-on learning and for feeding their bodies, minds, and souls.  Giving of yourself is not something you do for glory.  Giving is something you do because you believe the simple act of unselfishly doing FOR others releases the energy of love and kindness into the world.  This energy is something we all need more of.


Tell us about the charitable organizations you support, so we can share their missions too! We’d LOVE to highlight other organizations around the globe! Please tell us…how do YOU give?


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  • Meridith June 18, 2019

    I love this and love the diverse projects BGP supports! It’s so important! Keep doing good and decreasing world suck.


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