As many times as I drove past Bast Brothers Garden Center from home to work over the past 5 years, I never stopped until now.  Let me just say I am so mad at myself for not stopping in before!  How can I describe it in one word…?  A-MA-ZING! (Beautiful, fabulous, affordable…okay…one word just won’t do!)   Real talk – I should have known I was in MAJOR trouble as soon as I saw the shopping carts.  I got one so I could lean on it as I walked along.  At least, that’s what I told myself.

Where to begin?  Let’s start at the indoor center.


From outside, you think it’s not so bad.  There’s a lot of cute garden items you see as you approach.  Then you walk in…

IMG_5884 2

There’s no hard roof, so the wind rustles through the canvas covering the structure which reminds one of an outdoor bazaar.  I was entranced just watching it ripple softly above me.  Then I looked around.  *SIGH* I had officially traveled into garden shop heaven.  There’s no shortage of adorable planters, pots, & garden items all around you.

In the center of the shop, there’s a planting station for personalizing the succulent of your choosing.

They have everything there for you!  Planters, water, plants…YOU CAN’T LOSE HERE!  Thankfully there is seating all around this indoor center, in the most unsuspected places, so you can take a seat and just absorb all of the incredibleness around you (I can’t believe spellcheck didn’t flag incredibleness.  It’s an official word!  The only accurate description.)  So yes…you can take a moment to sit and take it all in.  Then, as soon as you realize there’s an outdoor section you didn’t even expect to be there, you grab your cart and get out there for an edible plant area that has been stocked by Summer Santa’s greenhouse elves.

IMG_5886 2

I can’t even tell all of you how many different varieties of eggplant, mint, tomatoes, basil, corn…the list goes on! I truly wanted to just say, “Yes to all of this!” and shove it into the Prius, but I was able to select a few seedlings & put them on my cart.  Okay, okay…it was more than a few, but they are very lightweight.  It was at this point I texted my friend Mer to let her know I may need a plantervention (spellcheck didn’t like that one, but I’m keeping it).

IMG_5897 2

I am sure you see other plants on here which are not food-bearing plants.  There’s my favorite coleus, dahlias, and others.  I have to confess, I walked outside into the third Bast Bros Garden Wonderland.

The most amazing smells were just DANCING through the air, and drew me in.  While I did not leave with any trees, I did leave with a LOT of edible & ornamentals.  When my cart was full, I knew it was time to head into the checkout area…

So they carry the Magnolia Home Collection by Joanna Gaines, fun and kitchy items for your kitchen, rugs for your porch/patio, garden decor…many more fun items.  Best of all, I met and chatted with one of the owners, Bart.

IMG_5905 2

He is one of the NICEST people ever, and we chatted about gardening and growing with children.  He shares the passion for teaching a new generation of gardeners the love and appreciation that needs to be shown for Mother Earth.  He then loaded my car, laying down covering to keep the hatchback clean.

Here, on Ellis Road in Mullica Hill, NJ, I finally had an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Bast Brothers Garden Center.

IMG_5903 2

I promise, I’ll post other photos, but in the meantime, take a trip there for yourself!  If you can’t get there, order online!  Their shipping fees are very reasonable, and you’re getting Jersey-grown, harmful pestacide-free plants. This is truly my favorite garden center.  The prices were unbelievable, the service was wonderful, the selections were incredible.  There’s a reason this best kept un-secret was voted Best Garden Center in Gloucester County.

Visiting?  Tag us!  We may see you there!

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Bast Brothers Garden Center

1214 Ellis Road

Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

Mon-Fri  9-6pm
Saturday 9-6pm
Sunday 12-4pm


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