Guest Post from GrowOya’s Josh McWilliams

This March 22nd is World Water Day. With so many water issues facing us these days from billions without clean and safe water, to water scarcity, it can be a sometimes overwhelming feeling.

I want to share a recent story of what I found to be a profound moment for me, from someone you might not expect.

As a busy dad, chef, entrepreneur and gardener time can seem like the hottest commodity, at least usually the most sought after by yours truly. Sitting in traffic time slows and gardening in the sun or playing with my daughters at the park and it seems to disappear.

It was just another week for me counting down the days until Spring, when I read an article on Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish political activist. I was blown away for many reasons. Her courage and bravery was and still is very powerful. But it was her determination to ACT now that was most powerful. She was moved to ACT for something she believed in. It was the ACT that was the profound force that I can stop thinking about.

At a time of nothing short of a global water crisis the ACT of doing something rather than
nothing, to learn about the issues our water faces than to carry on as if we had all the water in the World is what will make the difference.

At_the_ready copy.jpg
I’m encouraged by our global youth. I want to encourage everyone to ACT(ION) and help tackle the issues around water so many face. Together we can do it, and our Youth are leading the way!

For more information and resources check out World Water Day
For more information on saving water in the garden check out GrowOya

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