12 Mar, 2019


12 Mar, 2019



1. Who are you and what is your position with the BGP?

  • I am The Bullock Garden Project’s Director of School Outreach.

2. How did you get involved with BGP?

  • I’ve worked with children with different mental health and emotional needs for many years. In having a conversation with BGP’s CEO, Sonya Harris, we discussed the need of someone with educational history and experience in that area working with  BGP. Soon after, I became involved.

3. Where did you grow up?

  • I grew up in South Jersey.

4. What are you passionate about?

  • I have many passions but helping others and working with children are two of my passions.

5. What’s the biggest project on your to-do list right now?

  • The biggest project on my to-do list right now is getting more gigs for my musical group, Flow.

6. Have you ever traveled outside of the country? If so, where?

  • Yes, I have traveled outside the country. I’ve been to Canada, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and Jamaica.

7. What is your favorite fruit? Vegetable? Flower?

  • My favorite fruit is bananas. My favorite vegetable is between corn and green beans. And my favorite flower is a white Lily.

8. What’s your favorite way to express your creativity?

  • My favorite way to express my creativity is through singing/music.

9. What does a normal Tuesday look like for you?

  • A normal Tuesday would look like this for me: Waking and leaving the house around 7:15am to make it to work by 8:30am. Once at work, I assist my patients in many different ways at our medical facility. Then leaving at 5:30pm to come home and spend the rest of the evening with my family.

10. What is your life motto/mantra?

  • My life motto is: Don’t focus so much on what we don’t have, but more on what we are blessed to have.

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