12 Feb, 2019

All About Onna: Chief Operating Officer

12 Feb, 2019


1. Who are you and what is your position with the BGP?

  • I am the Bullock Garden Project’s Chief Operation Officer (COO).

2. How did you get involved with BGP?

  • I got involved with BGP many moons ago. I was involved in the beginning phases of the first ever garden at Bullock Elementary School. From there I began working closely with Sonya and shared my dreams and visions for non-profits to help children all over the country. Not knowing Sonya had the same vision, she asked me to assist with the start up for this non-profit that we all love so dearly.


3. Where did you grow up?

  • I grew up in Deptford, NJ. However, I spent a lot of my childhood years in Glassboro with my grandmother and other immediate family.

4. What are you passionate about?

  • I have so many passions. I often find myself filling my plate with so many things because it is so hard to focus on just one. My main passion would be service to others. I truly believe you haven’t lived until you have been a great service to others. Small or large acts of service go a long way in the world.

5. What’s the biggest project on your to-do list right now?

  • My biggest project on my to-do list is converting my home office into a nursery for my daughter. Although I have a few months, the pressure of maternal nesting has gone into effect.

6. Have you ever traveled outside of the country? If so, where?

  • I have, but I do not remember much of my trip because I was so young. But I am planning my next trip out of the country and that will be to the Bahamas.

7. What is your favorite fruit? Vegetable? Flower?

  • My favorite fruit is strawberries, my favorite vegetable is green peppers, and my favorite flower is a Dahlia.

8. What’s your favorite way to express your creativity?

  • My favorite way to express my creativity is by finding a DIY project and putting my own twist on it.

9. What does a normal Tuesday look like for you?

  • A normal Tuesday includes me going to work, having individual sessions with the members in my program, coming home and cooking dinner for my husband and I, and doing a daily debrief while we enjoy dinner!


10. What is your life motto/mantra?

  • My favorite life motto/mantra is “Keep on keeping on”. I found this in a fortune cookie 3 years ago and I have kept it with me since.


  • Antwynette Dallas February 12, 2019

    Onna and Sonya put their minds together an invented something non-profit for the children.
    I think it’s interesting that she had dreams to make non-profit an she took her dreams and made them come true. I also take interest in her passion to help others and that she believes that you haven’t lived until you have been a great service to others. Another thing that caught my interest is that she loves fruits and vegetables that she could grow herself which would turn into a DIY project.


  • Essence Mcwhorter February 12, 2019

    I think it is very positive that you all shared your dreams and visions for this non-profit… I like how you all help children all over the country.. It is great that she believes you haven’t lived until you have been a great service to others. Three things I found interesting in the article was her trying to convert her home office into a nursery for her daughter, her favorite way to express her creativity is by finding a DIY project and put a twist on it, Also her favorite motto/mantra is “Keep on Keeping on”


  • Le’Quan February 12, 2019

    A positive thing about this article it’s that , Mrs.Onna is passionate about helping others. I say that’s a positive thing because it’s always a good thing to help other people out. To really do that you really have to be passionate about it and Mrs.Onna is passionate about it . Something that stuck out to me is when she said “ I truly Believe you haven’t lived until you have been a great service to others” I myself truly agree with that . Some interesting things I found out is that Mes.Onna favorite vegetable is green peppers , That she is the chief operator of BGP ( Bullock Garden Project) . Another thing that’s interesting is that they are giving back and that’s very important.


  • Shaneka Dixon February 12, 2019

    I think the Bullock Garden Projects is a good non-profit organization because it is going to be a great help to children all over the country. Three things I found interesting was her favorite fruit is Strawberries like mines, Her life motto/mantra I also found interesting I like to think of it as keep on.. keeping on.. being ( yourself,positive,& giving others a helping hand). lastly I found interesting is her passion for helping others out, because I also believe that your not living if your haven’t been a great service to someone or even giving back to your community.


  • Ayanah Lindsey February 12, 2019

    Something positive from the article I seen was “my favorite way to express my creativity is by finding a DIY project and putting my own twist on it”. For starters I am the same way I love to do my own DIY, it is very peaceful and creative. A way to set your mind free. Using old clothing and transforming them into something new is fun. It is something that keeps you busy for the time being.

    One thing I found interesting was your life motto/mantra “keep on keeping on”. What would that mean to you? How does it help you strive? I find this very different. Another thing I found interesting was never truly living until you have been a service to others. I strongly believe that is true. How can you actually be happy until you have made someone else happy. It makes your insides light up to do something so good like cleaning your community. A third thing I found interesting was your favorite vegetable being a green pepper which is very odd. It is very rare to see or hear someone say a green pepper is there favorite out of all things. Me personally I love peppers but I wouldn’t consider them to be one of my favorite vegetable it is very weird lol. Very interesting if I do say so myself.


  • Jimmy Moody February 12, 2019

    I think it’s positive because your passionate about helping others. If we had more people like that on this earth it would be a better place. Somebody always need helping hand someone that will motivate them , and show them the way. Three things I find interesting is , one your favorite fruit is strawberries I can relate because that’s my favorite fruit . Second, giving back is important because you show people you care. Last but not least turn her home in to a workplace so she will always be prepared, and she’s her own boss .


  • Ju'Wan Washington February 12, 2019

    I admire someone like Mrs. Onna who wants to serve others. That’s a very impactful and positive mindset to have in this world. It’s very good that she found something she enjoys doing so much. I haven’t known her that long but she has already tried to help me & others so much. I just simply love her personality very much. She is an outstanding person to follow. So, hopefully she achieves everything she’s after in life.
    I found it interesting how she has a fortune cookie from 3 years ago. How her main passion is her wanting to serve others. Then how she is the Bullock Garden Project’s Chief Operating Officer.


  • Sharnese fisher February 12, 2019

    I love everything about this most importantly the most positive thing that I
    Love is that u enjoy your work and what you do. What’s interesting to me is how u said you were going to make a home nursery for your daughter that is so thoughtful and I know it’s going to be very beautiful. Another interesting thing is that you and your husband care about each others thoughts and opinions u have somebody that understands you that’s very hard to come by. Cooking dinner together that’s just amazing.


  • Doniqua February 13, 2019

    I find it interesting that Ms. Onna dreamed of having a non-profit but now actually has one . It’s great to know that your so passionate about helping others in so many different ways . I’ve only known you for a couple of months but in those months you have helped me Tremendously. The Bullock Garden Project is an amazing way to help children everywhere . I hope all goes well with creating your baby’s nursery . Your child is going to have a great mother . I truly hope you achieve everything your going for . You deserve it all and with your positive mind set your going to get it ALL !


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