We’ve Got the Power!

There are so many components that go into creating and developing a non-profit organization. But with all of the fancy titles and factors I can’t help but to think of the purpose behind all of this…


We started this non-profit and are growing exponentially to help change the lives of as many kids as we possibly can. Connecting with schools and assessing their individual needs to ensure each student is met with a wholesome experience. We are planning and partnering with the best of the best resources globally!

Children are incredibly powerful and sometimes they don’t even realize it. But even with all of the power they have they still need someone in their corner fighting for them. That’s where we come in! Meeting with schools across the country to bring their thoughts and ideas to life by assisting them to create school gardens enables us to empower educators. These incredible educators are fighting for better standards for children and educating them on the importance of healthy eating while exposing them to future careers in the green industry. In many cases some of these children have no one who understands the importance of the food they ingest so the teachers and schools then must empower the children with knowledge to make the best choices for themselves.

I’m saying all of this to remind readers that we all have the power to advocate for the children of our future. The children will grow up with the power to change policy for ones behind them, create change, and lead the next generation to a better lifestyle. We have the power to invoke change and create a revolution and the best part about it is it only takes one person to change one life! Changing the life of one child can have a ripple effect. So when you interact with the youth of tomorrow remember, they will have the power!



  • Meridith September 12, 2018

    Yes! By giving children the tools and resources they need we are empowering them for now and the future! Awesomeness!


  • Sharon September 12, 2018

    I am so proud of my daughter Onna Jones and your nonprofit organization keep up the good work.


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