04 Sep, 2018

Winter Gardens? Why Not?

04 Sep, 2018

Today is the first day of school for teachers in my school district, which means I and a few of the BGP Board Members are back to work. It truly is an exciting time, but for me, I am reminded that my summer gardens will be dying off soon.

(Insert sad violin music here…)

Ok, ok…to be fair, I go through this with EVERY growing season, but since my favorite fruits & veggies are summer-grown it’s a smidge tougher to let them go.

Or do I have to?

This fall, I am embarking on a new growing journey. I want to grow some of my summer faves through the winter on the patio in my small Vegepod and in my kitchen with grow lights, warm trays, & a small singular #hydroponic bucket from General Hydroponics. Why? Do I just want to have fresh food all winter? Well, yes, but there’s another reason…if I can do this, my students & families can do it too.

Hey there lil tomato sprouts!

I’m definitely going to be blogging (maybe a vlog here & there) & updating everyone on this journey. Yes, I expect plants to die. Yes, I’ll keep trying until I make it work. Yes, I’d love if some others would like to try this too! (Comment below if you want to try! I can send a few seeds to try). The plan is to host a few family home-garden-starting sessions in the spring. If we can figure out ways to grow #vegetables & #herbs realistically & successfully indoors, then we can make an impact on the access many families have to fresh produce year-round.

Share with us! Do you want to do the indoor winter gardening trial with us? We want to know what works for you & what doesn’t! If so, comment below & I’ll be in touch to share some seeds!



  • Meridith September 04, 2018

    Let’s do an evening where you can teach us about indoor gardening. And we can make dinner!


    • Sonya Harris September 04, 2018

      Sounds PERFECT! We can coordinate what we eat with what we plant. 🤷🏽‍♀️


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