This Lil’ Seedling of Mine…

It’s nearly 2am and while I should be fast asleep, I’m not.  

Instead, I’m obsessing about the deadline I’ve set for myself:  To release the new BGP blog every Tuesday.  I can’t help it…my mind is racing over all the events that have led us to this point…

  • I had a crazy idea to start a garden at my school so the kids would have an opportunity to participate in learning outside of the four walls of the classroom.
  • That idea was crazy because I had NO CLUE how to garden but neither did the group of colleagues/friends who decided to help (birds of a feather!).
  • I asked Ahmed Hassan, the original Yard Crasher, to help… and he did, by making me research & read about gardening, gardening with children, & a non-traditional educator’s view of learning.
  • Ahmed & friends from around the country (including local Landscaper Mike Pasquarello & Elite Landscaping) descended upon Glassboro to help build the Bullock Children’s Garden, and we did, in 2 DAYS!
  • The Garden has been LOVED by the children ever since! It is theirs & they belong to it!
  • Watching the children interact with and enjoy their Garden has been an inspiration! As we share the story of Bullock Garden with other educators we help them so they too can grow gardens.
  • I gathered a group of superheroes who came together to help me create a nonprofit so we can help other schools grow gardens.

Simple… but not really. In between each of those spaces and lines is a 5-year journey of struggle, growth, cutting, flourishing, and cyclical movement repeating without end, mirroring the journey of a seed. FYI, nothing of great worth comes easy. Joining me in this journey are eight of the most fabulous, incredible, passionate women, who believe all children deserve the right and opportunity to engage with a garden at school in order to explore and expand their learning/career opportunities. These amazing pillars in their careers, communities, and homes are the soil, sunshine, and water that are essential for the seed to survive. Without this incomparable group of women, The Bullock Garden Project, Inc. would not be able to provide assistance to schools across the United States and around the globe.



I hope you take the opportunity to peruse our website and excuse its “Under Construction” appearance. Growth can occur quickly, and we are making moves to keep up with it!

Thank you for joining us on this journey.  We encourage and look forward to your comments and feedback as we create our BGP Community!  I hope you will take a moment & subscribe to this blog. We have some wonderful guest bloggers & vloggers lined up to bring you weekly content, focused on the MANY aspects of school gardening with children.


Always Turnip the Beet & Reach for the Sunshine!



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